Check out our healthcare support services, as in Health claim adjudication, Medical Record Review, Virtual Bookkeeping and Revenue Cycle Management



Health Claim Adjudication

Good claim adjudication/examination is at the heart of the financial success of a health plan and TPA. Timely and accurate Health claim adjudication enable health plans keep their providers happy and networks growing.



Medical Record Review

Neltner offers a unique approach to this process, utilizing human expertise, streamlined processes, and advanced software technology to create detailed chronologies, narrative summaries, and spreadsheets populated with vital information extracted from medical records.



Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Neltner Business Services offer bookkeeping services using the client’s preferred software as in QuickBooks, Sage, or Xero. Neltner being a SOC 2 Type 2 certified company, clients are assured of a very high level of security.



Tax Return Support

Neltner Business Services offers tax preparation services for CPA firms to help their individual clients, including the preparation of federal and state tax returns and filing assistance. Netmark has experts in most of the Tax Prep software like Pro Series, ATX, Patriot, etc.


Revenue Cyle Management

Providing accurate, timely, and cost-effective claims processing and collections using correct demographics/details and in-depth knowledge of ICD 10 codes, procedures and treatments to ensure timely filing and rapid collections.