A Provider of Knowledge Based solutions

Experts in providing solutions to Health Claim Adjudication, Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Record Review, Virtual Bookkeeping & Tax Returns

Our Services

Health Claim Adjudication

Extensive experience and knowledge in health claim adjudication.

Medical Record Review

Better and faster medical record reviews.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Efficient bookkeeping and customised financial reports.

Tax Return Support

Federal and state tax returns, filing assistance, and tax planning.

Revenue Cycle Management

Accurate, timely, and cost-effective claims processing and collections.

About Neltner

Neltner Business Services Pvt Ltd. is a Chennai-based provider of knowledge-based solutions primarily to the Healthcare and Legal industries in the United States since 2010. Neltner, a fast-growing Company, takes pride in its customer orientation, work ethic and motivated employees.

Why Choose Us.

We are very proud of our customers’ loyalty. It is the best evidence of customer-centric service with price competitiveness. Whether it was Covid or the infamous floods, Neltner employees made sure that customers did not suffer one bit. That is the sense of ownership the team has which makes us the best value for customers’ money.

Our Mission.

To serve high quality solutions to businesses with expertise, technology and customer focus. We are a niche service provider and aim to make a significant difference to our client’s efficiency and speed of delivery to their clients.

Why Join Neltner.

Neltner provides an ideal environment to learn, perform and grow.

The work culture at Neltner is enabling, friendly and values people. On-the-job training with nurturing mentors is the pride of Neltner. There are several inspiring stories of employees who joined at the lowest level having risen to supervisory positions. That’s saying a lot for a company that is just 12 years’ old.


“Neltner’s is a fantastic place to work! The team is incredibly supportive, and the company fosters a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.”

Sankar S

Trainer, MRR

“I’ve been with Neltner’s for a while now, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best companies I’ve worked for. The management team is attentive and understanding, and they genuinely care about their employees’ growth and development.”

Rexline B J

Quality Controller, MRR

“At Neltner’s, I’ve had the opportunity to work on challenging and exciting projects that have helped me expand my skill set. The company encourages innovation and provides the necessary resources for employees to succeed.”

Godwin Thomas

Team Lead, MRR

“The work-life balance at Neltner’s is exceptional. The company understands the importance of personal time and offers flexible schedules, allowing employees to maintain a healthy equilibrium between their personal and professional lives.”

Selva Rani A

Transaction Executive, Adjudication

“I appreciate the transparent communication at Neltner’s. The leadership team keeps us well-informed about company updates, goals, and any changes that might affect us. It creates a sense of unity and trust within the organization.”

Siva Seenuvasan

Sr. Claims Processor Adjudication